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Kevin S. Baker
Wasilla Mayor
October 3, 2017

No Sales Tax Increase!
October 3, 2017

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No Sales Tax
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I am opposed to the increased sales tax by the current Administration for several reasons. In 2015 voters turned down a tax increase ... this time it's been rushed through absent of seeking alternatives. The first public hearing was held in July. In talking with residents, many think they are voting for a tax increase that will sunset after the required funds needed for a Public Safety Building are collected. They aren't aware of the .5% that will not go away, but becomes added to the Wasilla Sales Tax, increasing it from 2% to 2.5% permanently. The tax for the Public Safety Building should be a separate vote from a permanent increase. When questioned about that, the Mayor responded there was just not enough time to separate them and get in on the October ballot.

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