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Kevin S. Baker
Wasilla Mayor
October 3, 2017

New Moneys

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New Moneys
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Cannabis is a Renewable Natural Resource that can generate a new revenue stream for Wasilla.

So, I am in favor of allowing the cultivation and sale of cannabis in Wasilla. It makes much more sense to tax cannabis instead of school supplies. Public hearings were heavily in favor of this, however, the current Administration thought the increased traffic, among other things, outweighed the economic advantages. Any new business industry may cause growing pains, but I believe the increased revenue outweighs that. For example, the City of Houston has projected Cannabis Revenue for the year 2018 to be $310,000, more than projected for in sales tax revenue, and nearly the same amount as projected for in property taxes. The Municipality of Anchorage collected $70,000 for the month of April, and are seeing an increase every month. We shouldn't be turning away that potential income on one hand, and then holding the other out to ask for more taxes on everyday living expenses. I also favor investigating further involvement by the City in the cannabis industry. We may have a unique opportunity to dramatically increase our revenue stream.


From Cannabis Revenues the city can point moneys to any of the following ideas:
  • New Cannabis Sales Tax (2% to 5%)
  • New Moneys to Drug Addiction Treatment
  • New Moneys to Homeless Shelter
  • New Moneys to Wasilla Marijuana Permanenet Fund Dividend
  • New Moneys to Fairgrounds
  • More Money to Police Department
  • More Money to Menard Sports Center
  • More Money to Downtown Public Bathroom Facilities
  • More Money to Library
  • More Money to Valley Performing Arts
  • More Money to any of your ideas

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